Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Once allotted and agreement signed, the PRICES ARE FIRM.

2. Cost of Stamp paper, Registration charges, Legal and miscellaneous expenses in Connection with the registration of undivided share in land are to be borne by the purchasers. In case any additional stamp duty is claimed by the registration department, then that also has to be borne by the purchaser.

3. Other expenses to be borne by the client include all the local taxes, Sales Tax on Work Contract or VAT, as applicable, Kerala Building Tax, Construction Workers Welfare Fund, Provident Fund contributions or similar social security fund contribution, if any applicable or made applicable during the pendency of the contract or after its completion in relation to this project, other statutory payments in respect of the construction work carried out, KSEB Deposit and cabling charges as specified in the agreement, Monthly Maintenance Deposit/Advance, cost of transformer and generator (common) and the charges for Extra –Works, if any.

4. The plans are not drawn to scale and are included only for the purpose of identification. The measurements shown in the plan are indicative and may vary. Furniture lay-out is only an indication for space utilisation. The elevation shown in the brochure is artist’s expression only and the actual may vary according to the practical site conditions. All measurements and specifications shown in the brochure are subject to minor variations without specific or general notice. All such variations/alterations shall be purely at the discretion of the Builders.

5. The area is inclusive of proportionate share of common areas and wall thickness.

6. Sanctioned Building Plans, title deeds and other related documents pertaining to this project is available at our office for reference.

7. Monthly maintenance expenses are to be shared among owners, as decided by the owners association which include expenses for the maintenance of common area, common amenities/ facilities provided, machinery or equipment provided for the common use and that of common lighting.

8. The maintenance will be carried out by the Builders till the formation of Owners Association, which will take over the maintenance. Maintenance charges are payable by the owners on a monthly basis. Membership in the association is compulsory and not optional. Maintenance deposit / Advance is collected from all the Owners by the Builder and after appropriating the expenses incurred by the Builder during the period the maintenance was done by them, the Builder shall transfer the balance amount to the Association after its formation.

9. Overseas clients should make their payments through proper banking Channels.

10. All transactions are subjects to Ernakulam Jurisdiction only.

11. This is a time bound project. In case payments are not made as per agreement signed, the Builder reserves the right to cancel the allotment, in which case refund to the client will be made only after re-allotting the unit to another party and such refund shall be without any interest and subject of deduction of expenses and damages.

12. Completion and delivery dates are indicated to give an idea of probable completion of the project. Every effort will be made to complete and handover the project within the stipulated time. The firm/Company is not responsible for any delaying of water/electricity connection due to the delay within the concerned departments. However no responsibility will be accepted for any delay in completing the project due to unforeseen circumstances and to obtain service connections from statutory bodies due to reasons beyond the control of the Builder.


A)On allotment, two agreement will be executed between the builder and the Client, one for sale of undivided interest in the land and another for execution of a construction contract to build an apartment. Though separate consideration as specified in the agreement, the composite value of the undivided share in land and that of the construction contract will be shown in the payment schdule. Necessary citation to this effect is given in the agreements.

B)The Sale Deed for the undivided share in land will be registered or caused to be registered in the name of the client by the Builder or the Land Owner, as the case may be, on receipt of the entire payments as per the agreements.

14. All payments should be by crossed demand drafts/local cheques payable at Ernakulam drawn in favour of M/s Flair alliance Builders and Developers India Pvt. Ltd.

15. For delayed payments interest will be charged at the prevailing bank rates.

16. The Builder/marketing Agent reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason thereto.

17. This Brochure is only for information and this does not constitute a legal offer/invitation to an offer.